Toy World is moving to a new location and is temporarily closed. More info coming soon!
Preliminary Re-opening Spring 2018.

Welcome to Toy World

- a world of magic, imagination and nostalgia


"We love toys, but most of all to build up stories and spread joy."

Toy World is a toy museum for both kids and adults. We've built an amazing world with interactive toy exhibitions, playroom, cool arcade games, spooky room and fun activities. We're neither a play centre nor a traditional toy historic museum, but a modern experience museum with toys.

Toy World is one of a kind with its combination of minilands and showcase exhibitions. Unique in both what’s exhibited and the way it’s done. Experience 400 sqm with thousands of toys from the 1960's until today, trains and slot tracks, music, sound, light and motion effects (that you can activate by pressing buttons). If you look at each toy for one second it takes you several hours! So you should take your time - and don't miss any of the clever details.

A perfect adventure for anyone who wants to spend quality time with family and friends, while having a trip down memory lane. Suits all toy interested, families, grandparents, collectors, schools, companies, societies and tourists. Our youngest visitor so far has been only 3 days and the oldest 97 years old!

We are located downstairs in the shopping center Gallerian Magnus Stenbock, at the heart of Helsingborg city in Sweden.


The founders Maria and Allan Gutheim

In 40 years of private collecting our purpose has never been to invest in toys in sealed boxes. Our philosophy has rather been "unbox the toy - no matter the price." The nostalgic, cultural value and the playfulness has always been the most important part. In 1999 we fulfilled our dream of opening up our large toy collections to the public.

Our goal is to give our visitors the absolute best experience, ideas, inspiration, joy and happiness, no matter what age. You should be able to come back to us often and regularly, and meet new, larger or smaller changes.

Toy World is founded and operates without any economical contributions from either the state or private financiers. We are a member of the Association of Swedish Museums and the Swedish Toy and Baby Association.

Welcome to our world!

Our exhibitions

Lego licensed themes

Step into our awesome Lego room with dioramas of Lego's licenced themes; The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Indiana Jones, The Lone Ranger, Marvel/DC Comics Super Heroes and much more.

The exhibition is built with more than
40 000 Lego bricks, including several "exclusive" sets.


Playmobil Miniland

Walk through the world’s history in Playmobil Miniland; from primeval dinosaurs, cavemen, crude vikings, brave knights, ravaging pirates and the Wild West, all the way to present day with trains travelling through city and countryside, harbour and airport, amusement park, cableway sliding over a snowy winter landscape and lots more.

The exhibition includes thousands of figures, 3 railways and hundreds of buildings and vehicles.


The Star Wars saga

Follow the Star Wars saga with figures, buildings, ships and vessels in forceful scenes from the motion pictures Episode 1 to 6; for example Podrace, the fight on Geonosis Arena, the duel on Mustafar, Millennium Falcon, Death Star, the ice planet Hoth, Jabba’s Palace and the final battle on Endor.

The exhibition includes several hundred figures and a hundred buildings, ships and vessels.


Barbie and friends

Feel enchanted by Barbie’s dream world with magnificent model dolls, collector dolls and celebrity dolls.

The exhibition includes a couple of hundred Barbie dolls and dolls of other famous brands.


Disney classics

Discover and rediscover Disney’s famous characters from all the classic animated feature films; Snow White, The Lion King, Toy Story etc, as well as from the well-known short films; Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Three Little Pigs and others. Full speed with Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs and racing on a slot track in motion.

The exhibition includes hundreds of figures, cars and planes.


The Smurfs world

Get smurfy with the Smurfs on their adventures in the Cursed Land, joking in the playground, splashing in the lake, reading in school and smurfing in the Smurfs village – with the evil Gargamel sneaking around the corner.

The exhibition includes several hundred different smurfs and a number of smurf houses, buildings and vehicles.


The Happy Meal toys

The world’s largest public collection of the Swedish Happy Meal toys from McDonald's. The unique collection is nearly complete and the toys are presented year by year and period by period, from the first releases in 1986 until now.

The exhibition consists of 2 300 different objects.


Guest exhibition

Summer 2017 no guest exhibition!

We always show a temporary exhibition by invited guests with exciting collections. Do you have a collection that you want to display or do you know someone who has? If so, please get in touch.

Our activities

Be interactive

By pressing buttons you can activate our toy worlds, trains and slot tracks, motion effects, music, sound and light.

The buttons are spread throughout the exhibitions in reach for both kids and grown-ups.


The Quiz

Take our quiz, the answers can be found in the exhibitions. With all the correct answers you'll win a nice Disney poster.


The Playroom

In our playroom the smaller kids can enjoy themselves with a Brio wooden railway, a doll house, the Mini-play Café, Duplo blocks, a drawing tablet and the Play&Learn laptop. The slightly older kids can play the foosball game or build something awesome with Brio Mec.


The Spooky Room

Dare you enter the Spooky Room...?


Fishpond 10 SEK

All kids love a fishpond. For 10 SEK you are guaranteed to get something funny on the hook.


Arcade Games 10 SEK

For 10 SEK you can play air hockey, challenge a friend on the "Star Wars Podracer Arcade", run the mc simulator "The Fast And The Furious Super Bikes" or the car simulator "SEGA OutRun" (where you can race with or against each other) and other fun stuff.


Kiddie Rides 10 SEK

For 5 or 10 SEK the children can ride the kiddie rides, we have several to choose between.

Visit us

Opening hours

NOTE! Last opening day 13/8-2017.

Then we close in Helsingborg city for moving to new address!

Preliminary Re-opening Spring 2018.


Entrance fee:

10 SEK activities:
Kiddie rides/Arcade games cost 10 SEK per ride/game (only 10 SEK coins).
We can only exchange Swedish money. The nearest cash dispenser is at Stattena Centrum.

The establishment is funded by private means only. The entrance fee is therefore essential.



10% discount on the entrance fee (minimum 10 persons). Applies for one joint payment with one single receipt.

Groups should preferably book ahead via our contact form, phone +46 42-453 97 00 or



When showing a valid current Scandlines ticket from the ferry Helsingör-Helsingborg you get 20% discount on the entrance fee.

For more information click here.


Good to know

The premises itself is in one floor and accessible for wheelchair users. Disabled toilet is available.

Small children:
Baby carriages are allowed in the museum when there is room or may otherwise be parked in our entrance. Nursing table is available.


Our shop

The shop is located in our entrance and is open for everyone. Here you will find a constantly changing assortment of toys and gadgets to great prices.

We also sell on Tradera (the link only works when we have auctions running).


Contact us

Phone: +46 42-453 97 00
Contact form: click here


Find us

Hävertgatan 21, 254 42 Helsingborg, Sweden.


Public transport:


About us

The founders Maria and Allan Gutheim

Little Allan’s favorite thing in the world was to play. The result became a wide mixture of different toys. So on Allan’s 9th birthday (born 1962 in Stockholm) his parents made him a deal: “choose one theme of toys instead, and we’ll give you this on Christmases and birthdays, so you can create a larger collection of your own". After some struggle he chose the Wild West, reasoning that he most of all loved to build great worlds with figures on the floor. This triggered a lifelong systematic collecting of toys. Simultaneously an interest for music grew stronger and after he finished school this became his choice of work.

Maria’s collecting started on her 7th birthday (born 1966 in Linköping and raised in Örebro) the moment she got her first Barbie doll by her parents. Maria instantly fell in love with the doll and all of its wonderful clothes and accessories. Her collecting has continued for life, but at the same time her way after upper secondary school led into being active within music.

It was through music that Allan and Maria met in 1989 and it didn't take long until they discovered their common passion for toys. This was bound to lead to marriage in 1990 and shortly after that, three kids; Alexandra (1991), Paula (1993) and Nathalie (1995). This made their understanding of toys deeper and viewed from more of a historic and cultural perspective. Their collecting expanded and their home was rapidly stuffed with toys from floor to ceiling. The book shelves were filled with toys instead of books, to the daughters delight.

Their great amount of toys in combination with their creativity made them see what they were missing on the traditional toy museums. Allan and Maria felt a big lack of 1) their generation’s toys, 2) common theme exhibitions, 3) the joy and playfulness that should appear instead of the typically often sterile exhibitions. This founded the idea of their own experience concept for both kids and grown-ups.

So in 1999, the couple opened Stockholm Miniature Museum, which has gradually evolved into today’s Toy World.


Comments from our visitors

"My daughter and I will come here again definitely" (Petroz, Russia)

"I love this place. It's amazing. I haven't words..." (Adriana and Duardo, Spain)

"We loved the buttons" (Lisa, Germany)

"Very beautiful and fun - well done!" (Silvia, Italy)

"Lovely displays, have made me very happy" (Roger, England)

"It was very cool" (Irma, Austria)

"I believe it's the most interesting and best place in Stockholm (Akiko, China)

"I like rich collection, I enjoyed (Dimitri, Slovenia)

"Your museum was fantastic, all exhibitions was great" (Natalya, Russia)

"Bigger than we thought and more fun, spent more time than planned" (George, France)

"Beautiful museum with wonderful theme exhibitions, the kids and I had a great time" (Alice, England)

"Fantastic variety of toys, brought back good memories" (Elaine, USA)

"Great collection, much to see, we all thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, thank you" (Olivia, Canada)

"GREAT! In my holidays, I’ve seen many Museum, but this was the Best!" (Roland, Germany)

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